Watch my final presentation on the process behind my summer's work below. Continue on to view the SIP Lookbook 2023.
NASA's Glenn Research Center (GRC)'s Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) office helps to advance projects and improve the current capabilities of current communications and navigations activities. Each summer, GRC hosts a ten-week long internship program called the SCaN Internship Project (SIP) where students gain hands on experience working with NASA mentors in specialized areas of Space Communication and Navigation on real NASA missions. The annual GRC SIP Lookbook introduces the interns to the agency and provides insight into both their project work and their individual personalities and interests.
I want to emphasize that this was not only a digital but a physical newsletter. I printed over six proofs to ensure that the table of contents matched the actual page numbers, text and images aligned across pages, and to see how the colors and text translated to a physical medium. Luckily, everything looked amazing on print compared to on screen, and I only had to make minor adjustments, but that is not always the case.
Overall, I am very proud of all of the hard work I put in and am satisfied with the end result! View the full newsletter below:
(Note: Students' last names have been blocked out in order to preserve their privacy.)

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