For this project, I decided to complete a poster within the parameters of the annual poster contest for the Ravinia Music Festival in the Chicago area.
I went through numerous versions of this poster, printing drafts out often. The digital and physical copies varied greatly. What I thought was too much digitally turned out perfect when printed. I worried that there was too much in the composition, but the more I added the stronger it became. In the end, I tried to balance out the composition better by adding more foliage in the right-side background, and both thinned and lightened the lines of the window. I added more brightened stars as well as fireflies to the composition to create more visual interest.
Overall, I felt very confident in my use of color, perspective, and lighting. Through a lot of trial and error, I feel I have created a strong composition that I can be proud of.

This poster was selected for exhibition for the Fall 2023 Purdue University Visual Communication Design Posters Juried Exhibition. It was also exhibited in the Purdue University 2024 Art and Design Juried Undergraduate Exhibition in the Ringel Gallery in February.

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