Inspired by the architecture of Shigeru Ban, I created an experimental booklet to highlight his work. Rather than a traditional cover, I created an envelope-style casing for my booklet. It is laid out in an accordion style with no particular order, allowing the viewer to read through the information however feels most natural. Flaps created from vellum sheets open up to reveal more information about his buildings while still allowing the images to show through.
Throughout the entire process, I made a number of drafts, printing constantly to ensure everything translated well to the page. I experimented a lot with the envelope portion of it, as it directly relates to the first impression and experience of my booklet. As a lot of Ban’s work is able to be torn down and rebuilt in varying global environments, the envelope reflects this nature. Meanwhile, the use of recycled cardboard for the band relates to his preference of using recycled materials for his buildings. On the introduction page, I glued small samples of materials similar to those he uses to create texture. In general, I enjoyed creating this booklet to reflect the style of my architect and finding inventive ways to present the information.
This piece was exhibited in the Purdue University 2024 Art and Design Juried Undergraduate Exhibition in the Ringel Gallery in February.

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