My overarching goal with this poster was to make it mystical but still lighthearted. With the title coming from brightly colored flowers, and the main character standing out from the background as well as laughing, I was able to maintain the cheerful energy. Adding a hat, wand, and cat with the witch helps emphasize her status. The dark orange tint to the rest of the poster and the magical sparkles scattered throughout add the element of mystery I was hoping for. Further, showing her using her magic to make plants grow from the title continues to emphasize her powers and status as a witch. By placing the bulk of the text at the top, I am able to keep it from overlapping with the witch, allowing her to really stand out. Further, using a blending mode to the production logos in the corner helps them to blend in with the background while remaining visible.
Movie Synopsis: Eiza Moon is a simple witch who runs a plant shop and apothecary in the town’s arts district. Her friends - a chaotic vampire, a brooding werewolf, a charismatic fae, and a bubbly fae - are her biggest supporters and the source of her nearly-permanent headache. At least she has her familiar, a flluffy white cat named Snowball, by her side. After her vampire friend not-so-accidentally upsets (read: antagonizes) the wrong wizard, it’s a race against time for the group to cure the vampire’s curse before it’s too late.
You can view the augmented poster by downloading the Adobe Aero mobile app and scanning the QR code below.
Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Aero

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